Thanks to our many talented chefs and cooks!  June and July were made all the easier due to your help.  Andrea Della Mura, who is the food chain master planner extraordinaire, has opened up September and October for all who wanted to help but could not find a date/time.  With the beginning of school and with Tif’s “planned”  September surgery we are adding one more day per week.  Again many thanks for helping to keep Tif’s family well nourished, hydrated and loved!

NOTE — Anyone interested in joining the food train please click on the above link — XXOO

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  1. This is Angelle Staria.

    Just read about Tif.

    Know that she will be added to my growing list of prayer requests. I do seriously care for those going through difficult health issues. Have been near to the end several times with my own, but the Lord has been faithful to pull me from the brink many times even though I still live every day with that potential.

    I don’t have to know somebody personally to care about their situation. We are part of the Body of Jesus Christ. That is all that matters to me.

    Shalom, God speed and all Heaven’s best for you, her and all of yours, always and forever.


    PS: The prayer request thread at the CTH has become one of my fav places to nest. If you get the time, perhaps stop over on page 10 and read my posts. I think you will be encouraged and blesssed. Ad Rem has been such a big help getting a few of my longer comments posted for me when WordPress acts up.


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