Wonder of Wonders, Miracles of Miracles…

September 19th, 2018

We have been witness to a miracle – God is great!

Wanted to give you all an update on Amy’s Magnotta Puma’s progress.  Amy LEFT the hospital on 9/19/18 and is now home!   What follows is a letter from her sister Deborah Magnotta Hargraves Hargraves to all of you out there praying for her and following her story:

“Hi everyone – well, this is it – the email that informs you that after 3 months of praying, crying, talking and texting about Amy and her recovery – Amy is home with Chris, Zoe and Jack!  Unbelievable.

With only a recommendation to take a daily multi-vitamin, Amy walked out the door of NYU Rusk today with Chris.  No wheelchair, walker or cane.  She literally got in a cab and Chris and Amy went to have sushi for lunch!  Yes, sushi!  And tonight they went out to dinner!!!  Can you imagine?!
Amy’s blood pressure, heart rate, memory, reading comprehension and speech and language are all very good.  She feels great.  Her stitches are out and Amy can raise both arms, ride a stationary bike with ease, and out-run me down the hallway.  Amy’s therapists have thought of everything these last 2 weeks to prepare her to go home.  She has gone grocery shopping, taken the subway, walked around the park, and packed Zoe’s lunch.  We have been amazed at how many things they have done with Amy to ensure she is capable and confident to return home.
So, it is with much gratitude that we say thank you again for being on this journey with us.  So many people from so many places prayed for and supported Amy and her family.  It made all of the difference.  It has been an emotional ride but it has a good ending.
And if I may, I have had several thoughts and observations along the way that I would like to share.
1. Never mess with a mother and her child!  Both my own mother and sister have shown me how fiercely women fight to protect their children
2.  Prayers have the power to heal – both for the one praying and for the one who is being prayed for
3.  We should all kiss a doctor, hug a nurse, and squeeze a therapist whenever given the chance.  There are miracle workers amongst us and I am so grateful to have witnessed what they do
4.  Never, never, never give up
And lastly, and most importantly, in case you haven’t noticed, God is alive and well.  🙂
with much love, Deb xo”

“After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow”

And as you all know we at Team Tif are constantly reminded that there are NO accidents.  As Deb left the city that evening, after visiting Amy for the final time at the Rusk Institute, she looked up and saw the most wonderful of sights.  She saw the most amazing of rainbows and pulled over to try and grab a photo of it.  As she was capturing the below photos she also noticed that the song playing in her was “I Can See Clearly Now”.  A perfect ending to a whirlwind, life-changing three, three month period.  This “moment”  — that was NOT overlooked, or not paid attention too — this rainbow and song, basically captured exactly how she was feeling after being part of Amy’s healing and miraculous recovery.  A gift for all her and to all of us who look for sign’s that God is listening and paying attention.  Hint — PAY ATTENTION 😉 👍

We Believe!  Yes, we do!

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