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Play-by-Play of a Joy-Filled Day

Septemeber 24th, 2018

Tif left for Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) this AM, at about 9:30 AM and was READY to rumble.   The day that she had been anticipating since it was determined she’d have chemo first AND then surgery was finally upon us.  Thank goodness she was feeling up for the task and was eager to get whatever cancer was there out — today it was happening, no turning back and she met it all with that killer watt smile and positive attitude!  A force to be reckoned with for sure and no messing around with her.  The job was going to get done today and done well.  With Dr. Gardner on board as her surgeon, Dr. Chi handling chemo, Team Tif members running plays, prays and sending positive energy AND with the big guy upstairs orchestrating it all into a perfect symphony she was READY!

Tif got to MSK by 11 AM and was admitted.


Her spiritual guide and husband extraordinaire was by her side right up until she walked into the operating room by herself.  Yes, you read that correct, she WALKED into the operating room by herself and faced the challenge head-on, standing strong with the knowledge that she had an army of soldiers (Team Tif) watching her back.  And with that knowledge/confidence, she WAS ready to go!


Tif’s actual surgery started at 1:27 PM.  Dr. Gardner stated last week that the surgery could go anywhere from 3 – 8 hours so not to worry.  And so, there was no worrying allowed in the waiting room 😉 Amazing how time has a different dimension in hospitals – the day flew.  Thank goodness a few TT members were on board to help Doug “not worry”.

At around 7 PM, the waiting room got tired of “waiting” and headed for the recovery floor in hopes that Tif’s surgery would be over soon.  Their desire to make it happen worked and by the time they got up to the sixth floor Tif was out of surgery.



Team Tif members that were present were whisked into one of the consulting rooms where they awaited with bated breath for Dr. Garner and her summary of the 6 1/2 hour surgery and how it went.


Dr. Gardner did NOT disappoint and explained how she could not have been happier
with what transpired during the operation.  She told us that spent a lot of time focusing
on what cancer was left and “peeled” it away until she could not physically see any more of it.  She worked incredibly hard and did not want to have to go back on in down the road.   So, she did not finish the surgery until she was satisfied AND she was as were all of we 🎉 !!!!
Dr. Ginger Gardner (aka Miracle Worker) and Doug

After the incredible news,  Doug and TT had to wait 90 minutes before they could see her.  She was still in recovery and the anesthesia needed to wear off prior to her being seen. This was probably a good thing, for it allowed them time to give thanks, pray and reflect on the many miracles they had all been a witness to.  To say they were all not overwhelmed with pure joy and happiness would be an understatement.



Fast Forward 90 minutes…

Tif looked incredible!  She was all smiles, thumbs up, cracking jokes, being kind to the nurses, staff and even us 😉.  When she asked how the surgery went she understandably did not believe us or our good news BUT pictures don’t lie nor do cancer surgeons!



When we asked how she felt, she said she felt like she just had the hardest workout of her life and was tired, but we are ok with that!  She will be at MSK anywhere from 5 – 8 days healing and getting ready to get home and heal some more.  Chemo will resume in 3 – 6  weeks and then hopefully the next three rounds of planned chemo will wipe out and destroy any microscopic floating cancer cells that may be left.

Although this battle is NOT yet over and we realize that many more challenges may lie ahead we do want to stop, smell the flowers, savor THIS moment and appreciate the many factors, the many people, and all the support, love, and the synchronicity of events that brought us here tonight.  God is alive, prayer is working, attitude matters, surrounding yourself with the best players, doctors, team members, friends, etc. matters and remember to embrace your joys, accomplishments, and happiness!  Joy matters… savor it when you experience, hear, and/or feel it!


Good night (or good morning depending on how you are looking at 12:54 AM) – It was a GREAT day and thanks for caring, being a part of TT and checking in!




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