Day One Post Op

September 25th, 2018

Yesterday, Tif continued on her path of healing.  She was “released” from the recovery room and happily settled into her new “suite”.  Tif was still feeling like she just experienced the hardest abdominal workout session of her life and was feeling the after-effects of the previous day’s surgery.  We are hoping that the tried and true promises of the motto, “No pain, no gain” holds true in Tif’s healing and post-surgery recovery.  One thing that hasn’t changed is Tif’s continued sharing of smiles, good cheer, and endless positivity. IMG_0581-1

The day was filled with nurses attending to her needs, doctor visits/rounds, assorted Team Tif visitors, texts, calls, a bit of walking and LOTS of gorgeous flowers delivered to brighten the rainy day that was taking place right outside her hospital room window.248474


As we watched the falling rain all we could think of were the blue skies that would soon be coming our way.


Day Two Post Op

September 26th, 2018

Tif is feeling A LOT better today 👍.  She has quadrupled her rounds of walking and is actually eating solid food and has her appetite is improving.   She is nowhere near as tired and she is looking and acting like she already wants OUT.20180926_084611-2

Until our next post…

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